Sunday, July 1, 2007


Youth are backbone of every country. Youth are the future of country. Each and every youth should be conscious about the political scenario as well as developing their own skills and profession.

There always comes a phase when one’s mind get diverted to things which really are not worth. Especially at teenage almost all the youth gets into wrong habits like using drugs, falling into alcoholism and doing crazy things with friends. Some can come out of it while some becomes addicted and become victim of such wrong doings. To be a good citizen one has to be conscious enough to know that all these things gives pleasure for some amount of time only, in the long run this will damage our social life and reputation as well.

Youth are driving force of a country. Youth should feel the responsibility to lift the country from the crisis country is facing. Youth are energetic and vivacious and they have to use that spirit in pursuit of developing one’s country. Youth is the period of one’s life where he/ she feel they can do anything. This enthusiasm if used at proper place such as in the development of country will not only prosper their individual life but life of everyone residing it the country as well.

Youth should look upon their shoulders and even think of holding our country on their backs if needed. Youth period is the period where one develops his career so proper care should be taken so as not to walk in the wrong way.

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