Saturday, September 29, 2007

FIFA 08 is already out Now

The much awaited soccer game of the year is out now. FIFA 08 is being released by gaming gaints EA Sports. I myself being an avid lover of the game is just waiting to try out the new features of the game. I just wanted to share about the new game so I am writing down this article to share something about this game. I have a follower of FIFA series since Fifa 98. I missed the 99 version and after that I am a regular player of the game.

Previously it was only FIFA series that was offering quality the soccer game. But with the advent of the Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami, EA sports japanese rivals and competitor EA is now developing and adding something extra to its game. As PES series boost a greater playing environment but it lagged the little spices provided by EA 's Fifa series. Now FIFA 08 is providing really some new features added to the best feature of previous series. Some new things added are listed below:

  • Now one can control goalkeeper in one on one situation to deny proper chance for opposition striker.
  • A whooping total of 30 leagues and 14,000 players are being created in the game.
  • Manual controls have been added which will enable to through crossing.
  • Defenders will have more intelligence so that the striker will have to work a little harder to get a glimpse of the goal.
Lastly the minimum system requirement of the game:
O.S.- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Processor- Pentium 4, 1.3 GHz and higher
RAM- 256 MB
Hard disk space- 3.92 GB

If you want game guides relating this site keep checking this site frequently.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Better auto insurance rates

Having an auto highly customised and not having it insurance properly will really hurt the owner in coming days. As there are hundreds of companies involved in auto insurance business, selecting best and reliable automotive insurance company can be an overwhelming task. The plans and schemes in the insurance policy is another thing to notice while signing up for auto insurance like how much they will be compensating and the fees involved while signing up. Automobile insurance policies differs among different companies. Some offer insurance for only selected vehicles while some have wide varities. Also some keep record of the driver about his past while some just don't take it into account. Advantage Auto Quotes is one of the reliable auto insurance partner.

Auto Insurance Plan should be studied properly before signing up for it like against which cases it will provide the compensation like for an accident on which there is fault of the individual who is insuring, natural calamities, vandalism e.t.c. Further there are different factors effecting insurance rates like past driving record, marital status, vehicle's model or brand, vehicle's cost, location, personal use or business use, accident history. There will always be a differnet poor driver auto insurance rates. The most notable thing to get lower insurance rate for an individual is to have a clean and safe driving record. Also there is a special insurance coverage for sports car as they are expensive pieces.

Getting auto insured is the best practise of loving our vehicles. So finding the best auto insurance company having better car insurance rates is a must for all car owners. There are different insurance coverage for cars. One of the best auto insurance deal can be found at has the best online insurance policies as it has coverage for all types of autos.

Adsense secrets

Adsense is a program run by Google worldwide. Thousands of people are earning money by using google adsense program. To be a part of adsense program one needs to have is a well managed website having some good original contents. Google adsense is a pay per click program where the website on which it is displayed is paid by google if someone clicks on it. The money is not paid by google directly, it has a program called Adwords where people or advertisers sign up choosing a keyword and bidding for it. In turn google displays ads on the sites using adsense codes by observing the keywrods used in the article.

I don't know but I have read in some other sites that website owners are earning as much as 6 digits income per month by using google adsense. But other small site those have few visitors need not panic the way to success is hard and slow. Some ways of earning more amount of money through adsense is by using the high paying keywords and writing or adding articles relating keywords containg such high paying keyword. Finding such high paying keywords is a difficult task. There are some places which has list of such keywords but there is no way of determing if such keywors really pay more. Only thing we can do is just believe them.

Search engine marketing

Internet is full of resources and it has the biggest crowd. There is no country in the world that don't have access to Internet. So, choosing Internet as a marketing place is the best idea to start a business. It's like climbing a stairs on the path to success and glory. Search engine are the portals which are responsible for delivering information to the public. Millions and millions of webpages are indexed in search engines and to get to the top of that needs time, effort and correct strategy. So, proper website promoter partner is required to help and assist in search engine optimisation.

Popular search engine like Google, Yahoo has also launched advertising campiagn where those new business owner can manage to index their page in the first page of the search results for a certain keyword. Learning and choosing a keyword is not about a single day's task, it takes years of knowledge to master and find out the perfect keywords to enhance the business growth via internet. So hiring a specialist is the best thing to do to promote business rather than consuming precious time learning mastering search engine marketing. People are always looking whatever they want using search engine. So neglecting search engine is the biggest mistake that business enterpreneurs can make. Successful online marketing is worth every penny spend, it not only introduces to new customers but helps to make a reputation for the business company also.

Joining a trusted company having years of experience in search engine optimisation, online marketing, Keyword optimisation will open door to online business success. So rather than just kicking hard for striving oneself to get into the first pages of the search engines spending a little dime will earn back fortunes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say no to drugs

Drug problem is worldwide. There are no countries who has been left out of drug victims. Drug abuse has created a lots of problem in society. Mostly teenagers are victims of drug abuse. If a person falls in habit of using drugs than he/ she can barely come out of it. Few of my friend's brothers had been victims and they couldn't control their fondness of drugs as a result they left this world early. Even my brother was into a habitual drug addiction but he mangaged to come out of it. I was really glad to see him recover from it even though he spend few years of his life as a waste. There's a saying"Better be late than never to be there". I just could not help myself as he is now leading a normal life. I know there are many person whose close friends, relatives have been a victim of drug abuse. They must be feeling pretty cold. But a good way of communicating and love can really cure those that have been victims of drugs rather than just abandoning them.

A good rehabilation center offering a good programs can be a solution. All those involved in drug trafficking should really be punished be it producers or dealers. I just really want to support the worldwide movement against drug abuse. Let's all be united and raise our voice against drug abuse. Let's say a million times "SAY NO TO DRUGS". Drugs are our best friend as we know they cure our diseases but there are abusers who are using it in a wrong way. Let's stop all those abusers.

Lastly, we all love our friends and relatives, let's create an awareness to all our friends and relatives so that they realize that they are into wrong path before they become drug victims.

Reserving best hotel worldwide

There are thousands or even more people traveling to new places or destinations searching for new ideas, relaxing or for other business purpose. Searching hotels in new places is really a tedious and difficult task. It will be even worse what if it happens in a place whose language one does not understand and maybe there are few English speaking peoples around. Finding car for a hike around the city is another troublesome job you won't know how good the car is and how worthy is the car rental service. To clear all these hassles and troubles just find a suitable place or medium which eases all these task Hotel Reservations is just a perfect place to visit.

Hotel Reservations offers different services like booking air flights, booking best hotel and it also offers assistance in booking car rentals while we are there away in new places. The holiday location can be choosed from any places namely Australia,Asia, South America,U.S.A., France, Central Europe, Spain, U.K.,Hawaii and many other places too. It is offering a vacation packages in which one can choose between one destination and two destination which includes reservation of hotels in each places. Further he/ she can choose between reserving all three picks namely hotels,flights and car rental or can choose any two of them. Further there is option of choosing how many rooms one needs along with the age group he/ she can choose a suitable room accordingly.

Special Internet Rate offers a price bargained price rate which includes a price and a condition that if anyone reserving a hotel through finds a lower price than offered by then he/ she is either adjusted to that price or is refunded the amount he/ she has paid without taking any cancellation fee. That looks like a great deal. It is also offering discounts upto 70% just book online or make special internet rate reservation by phone. The worldwide calling number is (1)817-333-5105. To get other discount one can join discount club membership it's really easy just fill up name,address and zip code. Its latest featured package includes a cruise package to Hawaii, Bahamas, Carribean and other places.

Monday, September 24, 2007

India ICC twenty 20 champions

India were the first nation to win the first ever twenty 20 world cup. The team led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni just outperformed every other team in the tournament. The Indian team beat their old rivals Pakistan in a tight encounter by 5 runs. India batting first managed to score 157-5 in their 20 overs. Pakistan just managed to score 152 runs before being bowled out in 19.3 overs.

Umar Gul with brilliant bowling display of 3-28 helped restrict India to 157-5, despite Gautam Gambhir's brilliant knock of 75.But RP Singh struck twice early on and Irfan Pathan took 3-16 as Pakistani batsman gave away their wickets cheaply. Misbah-ul-Haq rallied them with three sixes off Harbhajan Singh and another in the final over, but fell to Joginder Sharma before being out for decent 43 runs.

Irfan Pathan was acknowledged Man of the Match and Sahid Afridi was rewarded with Man of the Series for their performances in the fianl and the whole tournament respectively.

Things to consider while starting E-commerce business

There is a buzz about E-commerce business nowadays. People are striving hard to earn money. Who doesn't like to earn money if it's such a huge amount? With the exploit of Internet worldwide E-commerce business is also growing its market reach. Not everyone starting an E-commerce site or business will success overnight. There are certain thing to be considered which will not only boost your sale but also rise in popularity of the E-commerce business. The very first thing to consider is to consider what product one is going to sell. Always sell good quality products that people like. The product also should be unique as possible.

The most important part of an E-commerce business site is beautiful design added with simplicity in finding the products. Added to that one should also install best and quality Shopping cart software. As shopping cart is like a basket where customers keep all their products in a department store, it should be big enough to hold the desired product that customers want to keep and not so big that it will be difficult for a customer to carry. So E-commerce software is a must for those thinking about starting E-commerce business.

Lastly, customers are the key to E-commerce business success. So every effort should be made to attract and please them. so installing the best ecommerce software at any cost is a must to make an e-commerce business move ahead in the direction of success.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prashant Tamang - the new Indian Idol

Prashant Tamang a guy from a small town Darjeeling northern side of India was crowned the new Indian Idol. More than 70 millions votes were casted for the grand finale. The grand finale was held in New Delhi. All the participating Indian Idols contestant were present there and they also had tier own performance along with the performance of the two finalist Amit and Prashant. Prashant has certainly become a house hold name throughout India.

Well now Prashant after winning the Indian Idol 3 contest is now on a long journey to stardom. Being a simple and down to earth man he will gain more fan following with time. He is a real gem and a proud Indo-Nepali singer. During Indian Idol contest few times he committed little mistakes while singing but his best quality is that he is hardworking and he always kept improving and never repeated his mistakes.

Something about Prashant:
Prashant Tamang was born in Darjeeling, West Bengal. He spent most of his early life there and studied in St.Roberts school.After the demise of his father, in an accident, he joined the Kolkata Police Force, succeeding his father.In Kolkata Police, he sang for the police orchestra.He has been singing since childhood, but has never had any formal training.

Lastly, Prashant really managed to fulfill his dreams. His story is nothing sort of a miracle.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Searching for companies worldwide

There are different search engine available on the Internet which has a huge database from where it will show result about the text which were typed in the search box. It will be time consuming if one intends to search for a specific business company or a specific product. So if one needs to search for relevant information especially about business companies and products masterseek is a must visit site.

The way of searching in masterseek is very simple just type in company's name or product name and query the result. It will show up results which are indexed in its database. It has a huge database which contains over 45 millions companies from over 75 countries. The best part of it is it is still updating its database and reach to more global users. It is now running a free campaign where a business owner can submit some of their products for free. So all those persona having business and just searching for a platform to showcase their products and business masterseek is a must see site.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wave of bloggerwave

I am searching for different ways to earn money through blogging. And I recently joined for Bloggerwave. Signing for bloggerwave is really making me smile and I know everyone looking to make money through blogging can smile like me if they join Bloggerwave. Blogging for money is really nice when you write about the thing you love.

Now I am writing online for a little while and it seems I am enjoying a bit. Writing definitely encourages me to motivate when I could earn something for myself and Bloggerwave program is definitely there to motivate me more to write. Overall I can just say these programs really is nice way to use time while being online.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My computer crashed

Recently my computer was working slowly. I was so tensed that I needed to use it daily. I has some important data and files stored in it. So due to time constraint I was unable to format and setup new operating system. I was using the same slow computer. But recently my computer crashed all of a sudden. I was searching for some important information regarding my career. I lost all my data stored in my computer. I wish I hadn't been so lazy to backup all my data so that I won't have to regret.

I am now searching for software which can recover my lost data. I hope to find soon the data recovery software to use with my computer so that I can retrieve the important data and files. As always I am seeking cheap and best solution as I am not in a position to pay a high price for a data recovery software. Internet is too big too search for data recovery software, there are too many choices and I get confused which one too choose. Probably I will have to seek some of my expert friend's advice. They are all busy but hoping they would provide me some kind of solution regarding how to recover my lost data.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From to

The Internet has expanded largely in recent years. It's the latest and innovative way for everyone to search for just anything from learning kits to wearing apparels, getting hands on new DVD to getting information about the latest trends. Search engine has become integral part of Internet community. Internet is so huge that nobody can tell or imagine how large it is. So people can just lose their path for their quest to search the things they intended to search on the Internet. Popular search engine like ask, google, yahoo, msn are leading the race of becoming the number one search engine.

Ever since I began surfing the Internet about eight years ago I learned about the various things about Internet slowly. One of the first thing that I learned was E-mail, than after popular Chat and slowly the about the search engine and to name few search engine that I came across was google along with the It was listed in the computer magazine which I was a regular reader of. I was wondering which search engine will produce the better result: the result that I intended to have and not the other unnecessary ones which were there just to bother my search. now has come a long way since their introduction about a decade ago. Not to forget they have competed against the rivals which were definitely were a step ahead and now on par with them. The newly added AJAX is definitely prove a valuable addition for

Last but not least the newly designed front page of is very much attractive. I don't like the search page full of advertisements and links in msn and yahoo. And now with the revamped design of google will definitely look a little bit monotonous. But what matters is the search result provided by it and provides a better search results.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ashop shopping cart

E-commerce business is hugely growing so as its popularity. There are new e-commerce websites being launched everyday and some being closed sue to use of improper management of sites. Business must not be taken for granted. A nice well managed and equipped and easy to manage web page is ideal for visitors to use and navigate. In case of e-commerce sites it's still more important that the software used as a shopping cart be more furnished and reliable. Ashop Commerce provides a highly reliable e-commerce solution with it's innovative online store building software. Ashop Commerce is the best shopping cart software in the world providing the most up to date and relevant solution for those planning to start an online business. Best of all the price is really reasonable considering the details of the shopping cart software.

The internet market trend is favouring those who possess high quality site along with quality software aided to the system. so for all those thinking about online business Ashop Commerce is there to assist the first move in your step to a largest global market available today - Internet.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

ICC twenty 20 World cup

ICC twenty 20 world cup is in full swing starting from 11 september. The very first match between the host South Africa and West Indies was a cracker which the host won. The match also created a history as Chris Gayle became the first man to score a century in an international twenty 20 cricket match. West Indies scored 205 for the loss of 6 wickets but South Africa chased the target in just 17.4 overs.

Other crucial matches that happened were encounter between the old rivals Pakistan and India which the Indian team won 3-0 in a bowl out. As both team managed to score equal amount of runs on the board they had to enter into a bowl out round which was just like a tie-breaker in a football match as twenty 20 cricket supported no tie matches. Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa were Dirty Harry-accurate, while Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi all missed by a fair distance as a sell-out crowd celebrated an enthralling match.

The result summary:

South Africa: 208-2 ( 17.4 overs )
West Indies: 205-6 ( 20.0 overs )
South Africa beat West Indies by 8 wickets

Australia: 138-9 ( 20.0 overs )
Zimbabwe: 139-5 ( 19.5 overs )
Zimbabwe beat Australia by 5 wickets

New Zealand: 74-1 ( 7.4 overs )
Kenya: 73 ( 16.5 overs )
New Zealand beat Kenya by 9 wickets

Pakistan: 171-9 ( 20.0 overs )
Scotland: 120 ( 19.5 overs )
Pakistan beat Scotland by 51 runs

West Indies: 164-8 ( 20.0 overs )
Bangladesh: 165-4 ( 18.0 overs )
Bangladesh beat West Indies by 6 wickets

Zimbabwe: 138-7 ( 20.0 overs )
England: 188-9 ( 20.0 overs )
England beat Zimbabwe by 50 runs

Australia: 136-2 ( 14.5 overs )
England: 135 ( 20.0 overs )
Australia beat England by 8 wickets

India: 141-9 ( 20.0 overs )
Pakistan: 141-7 ( 20.0 overs )
India tied with Pakistan
India win 3-0 by bowl out

Sri Lanka: 260-6 ( 20.0 overs )
Kenya: 88-9 ( 19.3 overs )
Sri Lanka beat Kenya by 172 runs

South Africa: 146-3 ( 18.5 overs )
Bangladesh: 144 ( 19.3 overs )
South Africa beat Bangladesh by 7 wickets

Sri Lanka: 168-3 ( 18.5 overs )
New Zealand: 164-7 ( 20.0 overs )
Sri Lanka beat New Zealand by 7 wickets

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joining Smorty

Since I started blogging I have been long been searching for ways to generate some revenue for the work I am doing. Here I have now signed up for Smorty. It's a great place where advertisers and blogger can meet and help each other in their own way.Smorty is a place to join for all bloggers those who want to get paid for blogging.

Blogging is all about writing on interesting topics and what if one can blog for money.Smorty is a platform for blog advertising for all advertisers who want to expose their business. Smorty is also a place for advertisers to advertise on blogs that are running all over the world. I just love to post some opportunities provided by Smorty. All those new bloggers who are searching for ways to earn some money join Smorty now and get paid to blog. Smorty is an ideal platform to start with for all bloggers to start blogging for money.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Calling cards by Pingo

The world is becoming narrower with technological advancements. We are traveling a lot nowadays from one country to another. Sometimes we might be on our own in our journey and miss our friends and families. So it will make us feel better if we are able to contact them from time to time. International calls generally comes at a high pricing and sometimes too much expensive. But there are some who are offering a cheap alternative like the Philippine phone card brought by Pingo.

Pingo has different scheme like the Pingo Business and family plan where one can put whole company or your family on Pingo and manage their accounts through a central administrative account and also providing easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings. Pingo also offers Rate Watcher service where it will save us from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if we are getting low priced phone card or not. There is a Pingo’s calling card affiliate program where pingo user can save money on your calls simply by referring friends to Pingo. International calling cards are at a bargained price at pingo. Adding to that there is no hidden payment other than just a 98 cents USD per month account maintenance fee.

4 in a row

Roger Federer the tennis legend does it again. It's no more a surprise to see the legendary swiss tennis ace Federer winning a grandslam consecutively. Roger Federer is now aiming to beat the record set by Pete Sampras of winning 14 grandslam titles overall. By looking at his form there is no way of stopping him from that record. It's likely that he could break that record in the coming year only.

In the U.S. open finals he overcame the rejuvenated Novak Djokovic in hardfought straight set victory 7-6,7-6,6-4.He becomes the first man ever to win Wimbledon and the US Open for four years in a row, and the first to win four straight US titles since Bill Tilden in 1923.Federer came from behind to win both of the first two sets in tie-breaks, and was satisfied that he had been able to raise his game at the decisive moments.

Federer has been ranked World No. 1 (since February 2, 2004) for 189 consecutive weeks, the longest of any player - male or female.In 2007, he was named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record third consecutive time.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Improving Academic Scores

As parents, every parent is worried about their child's future. Obviously the most important part in child's growing phase is getting proper education. A well educated child will have a better thinking capability as well as a vision to success in life. So, placing children in good innovative tutor where our child can get proper education as well as good score in exams is essential. Score learning centers are really beneficial to children of all level from ages above 4 to 14. Joining them in such learning centers will drastically improve academic scores.

Believing in fortune tellers

I don't know if I believe in fortune telling or not. Many people are spending time in going out to those people who boast to say that they have powers to see or forcast future of individual. They will be paying out a certain sum of money and just be happy listening good things about themselves. Rarely do such people say bad things about those people seeking future. But whatever they say the future is created by ourselves only not those fortune tellers.

There are many ways to tell fortune some refer Zodiac sign, some refer hands(palm), some see date of birth(numerology) , tarot card readings while some have bizarre powers they simply tell our fortune by going to them and reading our face only. Whatever way they are telling but if it comes true then really its a very much surprising thing.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ideal Homes

Making a nice home full of love and a nice atmosphere to dwell is everyone's dream. I am hoping that I can build such a home too where I can enjoy my time with my family in a nice and cozy atmosphere. Everything has to be perfect to build a ideal home. High quality furnished materials like in windows: PVC Casement, Sash and Tilt and Turn double glazing. In other parts of homes like doors,roof top, kitchens, conservatories needs a high quality timber provided only by the homemakers: anglian home improvements.

All the accessories needed for home improvements can be delivered by the homemakers anglian. It is also offering special offers for all the customers that are aspiring to create a ideal dream home.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Computer Virus

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. The original may modify the copies or the copies may modify themselves. A virus can only spread from one computer to another when its host is taken to the uninfected computer, for instance by a user sending it over a network or carrying it on a removable medium such as a floppy disk, CD, USB drive or by the Internet. Additionally, viruses can spread to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer. Many personal computers are now connected to the Internet and to local-area networks, facilitating the virus to spread using the system

Some viruses are programmed to damage the computer by damaging programs, deleting files, or reformatting the hard disk while some are not designed to do any damage, but simply replicate themselves and make their presence known by presenting text, video, or audio messages. Even these gentle viruses can create problems for the computer user. They typically take up computer memory used by legitimate programs. As a result, they often cause erratic behavior and can result in system crashes. In addition, many viruses are bug-ridden, and these bugs may lead to system crashes and data loss.

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