Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes you are Mr. Wenger

Every time there is a growing optimism that this is the year to win title, Arsenal crash at the final hurdle. Mr Wenger always adheres the policy he feels that is right and doesn't even care to see what every Arsenal fans can see the flaws in the team. He is a modest man and feels all those who love the club are just ignorant people who knows nothing about the club.

The people who follow every game, every transfer gossip related to the club are ignorant? Mr Wenger you don't accept that you are wrong. Never ever, but this time you are finally accepting it that you are to blame for the poor team. Yes you are Mr. Wenger. When you already know that your main central defender is unfit for the whole season you don't buy any replacements. That is the way to manage football. The only good news for Arsenal this season is the fact that Arsenal don't need to look for goalkeepers anymore, as Szczesny looks decent enough goalies that Arsenal had for years.
This was the easiest season to win the premier league as no team league good enough losing matches here and there. Yet Arsenal failed to deliver on the promise. It's not anymore about potential it's about winning. If you don't deliver the potential after remaining there for 5 years or so than they all were false potential.
I will not be surprised if again Wenger refuses to sign players the team needs. I think a lot of people are giving suggestions that he should sign this or that players. A recommendation to all Arsenal fans are that stop telling Wenger to sign players. As we all know he doesn't listens to people's opinion. So if every one of us tell him not to sign any players than maybe he will sign players(as always going against the opinions of the fans).

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