Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cricket world cup 2011

Cricket world cup is in knock out stage now. Today's first quarter final was won by Pakistan. Pakistan won the match against the WI team with an easy 10 wickets victory. Pakistan had to toiled hard to grid win against the lesser non test playing nations. They made WI team lose the match embarrassingly. Sahid Afridi and Mohamad Hafiz were the heroes for the Pakistani teams.

Sahid is having a wonderful world cup as he is the leading wicket taker with 21 wickets (4 in this match) in the current edition of the world cup. If Pakistan plays like this than they may be strong contenders for this world cup. Only 2 matches left to be won, let's see who comes out in top.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyes and eyeglasses

If you can say that what is the most beautiful and lovable part of you, most people would go for eyes. It is not only the most beautiful part but the most important as it is through which we all are able to get the vision of the world. They are also one of the most delicate organs present in our human body. Eyes depict beauty and taking care of eyes is one of the things people need to take in mind. So, there are various thing to protect it as well as add some fashion charm to it with the addition of spectacles with different designs and colors.

Different people like to wear different shape and sized spectacles as well as varied colored range. Choice also depends upon the structure of the face of the person going to wear. Although the different attributes of the spectacles is the choice of the customers the eyeglasses should only be chosen on the prescription of the specialist. If not chosen wisely according to the prescription of the specialist it may severely damage the eyes of those wearing the spectacles. So proper care should be taken before making the move to protect eyes as well as making it more beautiful. Not to forget to get the quality eyeglasses at quality store.

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