Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Celebrating happy moments

There are many moments in our life which we share with our friends and become elated for the time being. But it's real importance is felt only when we are able to see it or observe it after some time period. We all feel like the joys that we shared are the moments in which we are really very happy. And every moment that we spend away laughing and smiling are the precious one specially at the moment when we are down and out. So whenever we are celebrating happy moments we should share and enjoy with our open heart for they are the times of our happy days

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Realization of dreams

There are many people who see dreams. But certainly most of them don't realize the true potential of their dreams and hence their dreams will only be dreams. But for those who see it as a power to move forward the destiny towards success will always be awaiting you. Realization of dream is the most important thing in our human life. People seem to forget the basics that a single step taken towards the dream is a single step taken towards realization of our dreams. So even if there is no success instantly it will come sooner or later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Going on a hiking can be a great idea to make your mind fresh and rejuvenated. Just go out and have the pleasure of the natural beauty with a fresh breath of air. All that needed is a little time from your daily schedule so that you are able to confirm that you can spend a few days away from work with some of your best pals. A great hiking trip would be a visit to a new locality free of urbanization. So that everything you see and feel is a natural one. You will definitely love the idea of hiking if you think that you can walk a few miles.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

coins and coins

Coins are metallic thing be it of gold or silver. They have importance in their own rights and certainly it's charm has attracted many people all around the world. Some people just seem to love collecting all sorts of coins while some feel that they are attracted to certain types. Some maybe collecting coins just for personal collection while some may consider it as a monetary gain and they may just be investing especially in case of silver and gold coins. So getting rare coin is not just a collector's item but with time it will significantly grow one's monetary value. So spending on coins will certainly increase your value and worth.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fulfilling desires and needs

It's not that easy that your wishes and desires are all fulfilled. It will be very hard to accept the fact that you are losing the thing that you love the most. Yet we all have to live our life the way as it stands. We have to seek for new beginning and new ways to move our life further. Some wishes are fulfilled while some remains as wishes forever till the day we leave this earth. Certainly it will take some hard toil to fulfill our wishes, desires and need and sometimes despite that we can't get what we want and hoped for. But it's the luck that we need in such cases. It's not only money that can get you happiness but it's the comfort within our very own heart that will bring the real happiness.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April fool

It's a day to make joke with and of others. And sometimes some jokes go overboard and it becomes a serious matter even among close friends and associates but jokes and pranks are just that and it should not be considered seriously. I can remember one of my friends just waking up and heading up to hospital just to see his best friend that met a serious accident early in the morning only to realize it later that it was just a April's fool prank played by his very own friend. The following days were just funnier only to tease that sorry friend.

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