Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Liverpool in Premiership

Liverpool is one of the biggest and famous club not only in England but around the planet.
It has been two years since that miraculous victory over AC Milan. But no repeat of the previous glory after being regular top-four finishers since the creation of the Premiership, and they achieved their highest final position of second while under Gerard Houllier’s management in the 2001/02 season. The Reds began the new era with former player Graeme Souness at the helm but it was Roy Evans who led them into the top four after taking over in 1994. Frenchman Houllier teamed up with him as joint-manager in 1998 before later taking sole charge of the team. It was under Houllier that Liverpool achieve in 2001 rare treble feat, winning a cup treble of the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup. Spaniard Rafael Benitez took the Reds success even further by winning the Champions League in Istanbul in 2005 and leading them to Champions League final again this time around as they lose to the same team AC Milan.
Liverpool’s most successful players in the Premiership have been homegrown talents, with the generation of Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman eventually giving way to Michael Owen (now with Newcastle), Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard. Rafa Benitez has added some foreigners in the Merseyside team adding strength and depth in the likes of Xavi Alonso, Momd. Sissoko, Luis Garcia. Further the likes of John Arne Risse and Steve Finnan has now been performing their best for the team. It’s still unfortunate that one trophy that is eluding the Reds is the most coveted trophy in England - the Premiership title. Now overtaken by the foreign owners some cash is being injected to the club, let's see if this is the year the Reds are going to win the Premiership.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Traffic Problems

Traffic problems have been serious in big cities. As people dwelling in big cities are more so are the vehicles running on the road. More number of vehicles is being added in the roads but the road is limited or constant. So the problem of congestion occurs due to the increase in number of vehicles.
Like many big cities of the world Katmandu being the capital city of Nepal is also facing serious problems due to traffic jams occurring due to vehicles especially on the peak hours. People can’t get out of traffic jams in few minutes; sometimes it may take more than half hour to get out of jam. This has cause a serious affect for those working professional those who has to reach on time. Further for emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire-extinguisher vehicles if they stuck in jam there is very little chances that the vehicle will come out of the jam in few minutes. This will be the most devastating effect of all.
Another traffic problem in Katmandu is due to reckless driving. Some vehicles driver is driving recklessly increasing not only his/ her death chances but others pedestrians also. Recently, almost everyday we have to listen to causalities due to vehicle accident.
Government should formulate proper laws against such thing. Also has to educate citizens about traffic knowledge in schools as this is not being practiced in Nepal.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Although many people do not pay much attention to the clothes and the way they dress, but everyone should choose very carefully the way he/ she dress-up. Clothes are an expression of the inner personality of everyone and that to have our personality more attractive the types of clothes we wear has significant amount of effect on it.
Dressing up does not simply means simply wearing whatever others are wearing. Rather it is the way that everything you wear should suit and reflect your personality. Further, different colors have different influence on the mood and self confidence. Light colors cause a happy mod and relieve the strain on our minds and other contrast colors like red color excites our mind and it may simply act in an exhaustive way to the mind.
Further wearing sports outfit really boost up our mind and self confidence increases because sports wear are free and pleasant to wear. All the people are very different though. Everyone has certain features which make him/ her unique that is why there are so many fashions and many varieties way of dressing up. All of the choices the people make in clothing shows that every piece of clothing has a special effect on a person’s character whether he/ she is aware of it or not. Dressing up with proper kind of attire is essential depending upon the circumstances one individual is associated with.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry plays as a striker for Arsenal and France. He was born in August 17, 1977.Henry began his playing career at AS Monaco. He then transferred to Juventus and finally arrived to Arsenal. Though his debut was not a good one, over several seasons Henry has produced some scintillating displays for the club. Not only he has scored breathtaking goals but produced those goals at a consistent rate. And now almost eight years with the club he has already become the all time leading goal scorer.

Henry has collected almost all medals that a professional footballer can acquire except the Champions League winner medal. Henry has been runner-up twice for FIFA World Player of the year. After the departure of club captain Patrick Vieira, Henry was made club captain to lead the Gunners frontline.

Thierry Henry’s contribution to Arsenal is remarkable. He is a nightmare for any defense of any team. Henry has a very quick feet, exceptional ball control, agile, superb finish combined with pace. Henry is lethal and will score goal from inside and outside of the box. Further his shooting abilities followed by some quick uncanny tricks causes havoc in any opponents mind.

Thierry Henry has so far scored 174 goals in 254 League appearances for the Gunners and 39 goals in 91 appearances for his national side (France).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Success and Luck

There may or may not be a correlation between success and luck. Different person have different opinions about success and luck. Some think that both are related while some disagree. Success refers to the ability of a person to achieving his career goals with hard work, dedication and proper motivation. Luck may simply be called a stroke of gift by god.

Becoming successful is no means a joke. Accomplishing dreams are really a big thing in everyone’s life. Many try to accomplish dreams they have with them since their childhood but very few are successful in carving their life model in pursuit of their goals. But taking the way of leading a successful life through hard work and dedication will definitely lead you to the forefront in your life.

People waiting for lady luck to shine in their life are lazybones. They have nothing but just wonder in their life where luck will shine in their life.

But, one thing to take notice is that those things earned by us through hard work and perseverance are much more worth than those earned simply by doing nothing. Perhaps we may not feel the thing we got by luck if we lose it. But if we lose those thing earned by our hard work we definitely feel grieved.

Success is for who dream and aspire their goals in life. Luck simply is a god’s willingness to share his fortune.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Modern life has become so demanding nowadays that everyone is facing the problem of stress. In order to escape stress due to work pressure, family tensions, financial problems or any other problem people try out different ways to become stress free. Some of the ways of escaping stress includes reading, gardening, cycling, playing and many more things as per the choice of different individuals.

Some other form of relieving stress are doing exercise, listening music, going out to rural areas for a short trip and spending time with one’s own family. Listening good music is one of the best way to escape the stress as it takes us into a different world. Sweetly composed tunes make us forget all the tensions and worries.

Going on a short trip outside the urban areas can also refreshes our mind and helps to remove the stress and fatigue. Whenever we go for such trip we leave behind our daily routine and just try to relax and chill out with the natural surrounding. So this short trip lifts our spirits and helps to become normal and stress free.

Spending time with family is really worthy thing to do especially in today’s world where people have become so dedicated to their work that they don’t remember anything other than work and the stress and tensions associated with it. We talk our heart out with those whom we love and by sharing feelings between family members we become more pleasant and cheerful that we forget our stress and tensions. Playing with small child really lifts our mind.

Nobody is stress free in today’s world. So everyone should follow some way or to other to reduce stress.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Samuel Eto

There is no doubt that Eto'o is currently one of the most gifted strikers in the world. He is gifted, fast and a natural goal scorer as he can score from anywhere around the goal mouth. Further he has very good ball control and he can use both his feet which make him lethal and one of the top marksman in Spanish football.
Samuel Eto signed for Real Madrid at a tender age of 15 in the year 1996.The agile, pacey striker moved to the Bernabeu as a youngster to realize his dreams of stardom, but he never got opportunity to play regularly for the Real Madrid first team.
Eto began to show his true potential during his time at Real Mallorca where he was on loan from Real Madrid. Eto had three successful seasons with Mallorca in which he became Mallorca's most prolific goal scorer in their league history scoring 54 goals in 133 games. Barcelona was tracking this pacey Cameroonian striker and they signed him in the summer of 2004. Eto joined the Catalan club to play alongside the likes of Ronaldinho, Xavi, Deco and Puyol.
In his first season at the Nou Camp, Eto'o scored 24 league goals to help Barca land the La Liga title. But it was his second season with the Catalan giants that made the rest of Spain really sit up and take notice of the three-time African Footballer of the Year. Eto'o won the top scorer award, after netting 26 goals as Frank Rijkaard's side retained their league crown. He also scored six goals during their successful UEFA Champions League campaign, including the vital equalizer in the final against Arsenal. Further, he finished third in the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. The Seti River which flows through the heart of the city has dug impressive canyons in the valley floor.

Pokhara has Fewa Lake in its periphery. A number of Himalayan ranges namely Dhaulagiri, Annnapurna and Manaslu can be viewed from the city itself. When the shadows of Mt. Macchaphusre (Fish tail) fall on the Fewa Lake, the whole scenario becomes a very awesome treasure to cherish forever.

There are also many caves located in Pokhara. Some notable ones are Mahendra and Gupteshwar. Further there is a gorgeous fall named Devi’s fall (Patle Chango). This fall has been created by the waters from Fewa Lake.

The people residing in Pokhara mainly are from Brahmin, Newar, Magar and Gurung. The climatic condition is also favorable for living though it is one of the rainiest parts of Nepal.

Tourists further make Pokhara their way to go towards Annapurna Base Camp, Jomsom and Mustang.

There are many temples and monasteries in Pokhara. Barahi temple, Bindhyabasini temple and World Peace Stupa are some of the major religious place. One notable thing about Barahi temple is that it is located on the tiny island on Fewa Lake.

Further a very nice view of Pokhara city along with Fewa Lake, Seti River can be viewed from a small hill named Sarangkot to the western side of the city.

Pokhara is really a nice and beautiful city blessed by god for its natural beauty.

Friday, May 4, 2007


In this today’s world every single individual has become selfish. Everyone is struggling to rise above one another. There is a situation where there is no harmony between humans. They are all fighting with each other like animals. Peace has become a word that is just learnt in a dictionary. It has become obscure in real life.

Many interaction forums, debate is being held throughout the world but to no avail. The person who is promising peace is the one who are breaking it. Everywhere there is a chaotic situation. No one’s mind is settled. The nature, environment is even polluted and there is hardly anyplace left on earth where one can find solace.

To bring peace we should really have a pure heart without any ill intentions. Our vision should be clear so as our mind. Making peace within our inner soul is the very first step towards the way to peace. If every individual starts to think and try to do so than really we will not take much time to make our world peaceful.

An imagination of peaceful world has just become illusion which can never be obtained in reality. No one has peace inside them. All are affected one way or the other with various tensions. All these tensions create more pressure in our mind which in turn unsettles us and finally making us all full of anger and troubles. Peace will never enter in our community whenever there is such situation.

People go to meditation to find peace. Yet they can get peace only at the time of meditation when they are out of it the problems and troubles are always hanging behind them never giving peace in mind.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life in city or countryside

Some people prefer living in a big city; others enjoy residing in a small town or in the countryside. Young children usually don’t have a choice as they have to live where their parents live. Living in a big city and living in countryside have some advantages and disadvantages in child’s development.
Living in big cities has advantages as there are better options of education, services and fun activities. Also hospitals are more sophisticated in big cities. Proper transport facilities as well as shopping are easier as there are more shopping complexes in big city. Further big cities are the first areas where new technologies arrive which are essential to get acquainted with the pace of real world is moving ahead.
Life in country side has also some advantages. It has no pollution and the hustle and bustle of city life. Living in a peaceful place will make our heart and soul pleasant. Further one can develop their own understanding about nature. People living in countryside are friendlier to each other than in big cities. They learn to help each other in difficult times and not only in the days of merriments.
Choosing to live in big city or countryside is really a difficult task. But living in big cities probably will enhance to get familiarize with different hardship and also learn better profession. Living in countryside will also develop to learn and live in harmony with nature and surroundings. But overall living in city is better.

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