Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was born on January 17, 1962. He is one of the well known actor, comedian.
Jim made his film debut in 1983 in the film ‘Rubber face’. For several years he started small cameo role. Jim first experienced box-office success in 1994 with the film Ace Ventura: Pet detective.
Jim has been married twice, first with Melissa Womer and later with Lauren Holly. Jim has received 6 golden globe award nominations in which he has won it twice. He has won the award for the role in the film named ‘The Trueman Show’ and ‘Man on the Moon’.
Jim is Canadian born versatile actor. He has played in dramatic, comedian, villainous and several other types of role. He started from small screen (T.V.) to big screen. His movies career has been hugely successful.

Jim’s notable films include Ace Ventura (Both parts), Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Bruce Almighty, The trueman show, Liar liar, Man on the Moon and Me Myself and Irene.

Over the years Jim Carrey has been a notable star that can accustom to all kinds of roles with perfection. His reputation is still growing so as his fans all over the world. Even though he is in his mid forties this actor has still so much to deliver to all the fans throughout the world.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interpersonal skill

Most people want to be a successful person and try to find out what make them achieve their goal. In today’s fast- paced and competitive world people who want to be successful need interpersonal skill. Interpersonal skill helps an individual to make different friends and adjust him/ herself in various communities.

Contacting and developing relationship with many persons can be very much helpful. We can get much helpful information in our life easily and quickly.

Also if we want help from others, people with interpersonal skill can beg and gain assistance from others. Further in difficult times interpersonal skill can help one individual to eradicate the problems.

Another factor that interpersonal skill is important is that people with good interpersonal skill will have lots of friends and can acquire a diversity of thoughts from different kinds of people. Acquiring different thoughts will broaden one’s mind, perspective and knowledge. Knowledge and good vision is the power which can drive any individual from nowhere to the pinnacle of success.

Interpersonal skill helps one individual in every field, be it in office, school, and college or on the road. A person whom you talk just once on the road can be useful another time. If you have good interpersonal skill than the door to success will open automatically. Interpersonal skill is the driving force behind every successful person. All the successful leaders, businessman, entrepreneurs’ sportsperson all have good interpersonal skill.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting up early

Getting up early is really the best thing to start a day’s work. In the morning we tend to be stronger and healthier. We are also well rested in the night. That makes our body easier to do work and it also serves as a form of physical exercise.

Old saying goes “It is better to do something you can do know, than to do it later”. It we get up early to do work, there would be lot of time to do other work.

With the changing world, the life style of people also changes. Everybody is in such a hurry and there is little or no time to do work. So it is better to do the work earlier than leave it when there are other things to do later in the day.

Getting up early when there is serenity and calmness one can feel the beauty of nature. The cool and fresh breeze flowing really livens our spirit. It not only makes our morning wonderful but the day following it will also be.

People can make important decisions getting early in the day as the cool and fresh environment puts our mind into more calmness. Thus, mind is able to think and work properly rather than other time of day where mind is full of tensions and pressure.

Getting up early is a good habit for one’s physical as well as mental well being.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Friends are real gem of our life. A person having no friend is like being unsocial and petrified. But it all depends on how genuine is our friendship.

Not all friends are alike. Some are there only for the joyous and fruitful moments and whenever any kind of unwanted and awful situation arrives they won’t be there. Actually it’s better not to say such individuals a friend. They are a mockery of friendship whereas some real friends are there with you even in the sorrowful and difficult situation. They share your joy as well as sorrow. And to add to that they are really delighted to help you with open arms anytime anywhere without any doubt.

It is though difficult to find such friends especially in this materialistic world. A true friend comforts you in sorrow, gives you company is every step you take and often backs up if you fail; to lead you ahead in your life. A true friend gives you solace in distressful situation.

Many people think that they have many friends. But it is not so. Some are there to give you company for some while only. Finding real friend is not so easy. It will take years to make one such genuine friend. But in every relationship there may be some torrid moments but good and real friends can sort it out between themselves without any bad feelings. Friendship is not only there to be supporting your friend in everything he/ she does but also pointing out the mistakes and flaws in his/ her decisions.

Genuine friends are there for life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


FIFA 07 is a video game made by Electronic Arts. It is the latest installment of football (soccer) game of the FIFA series that Electronic Arts has been publishing more than a decade ago. This game has perfect game play where you control almost everything, cross power, shot power, body checking and more.

The entrance is just amazing, with the game showing each team's formation. The animation when you score a goal or conceded a goal is spectacular. The real spectacle of this game is the ‘manager mode’ where one can become manager and perform every thing that manager does like buying new players, selling unwanted players. Changing Kit numbers is also a nice feature in FIFA 07. Also ‘Team Chemistry’ has to be high in order to co-ordinate the players of team while playing. FIFA challenges is the place where one can earn points and use it in Fan Shop to unlock different items like kits, balls and many other things.

FIFA 07 plays a fast-paced and realistic game of soccer. In FIFA 07, players will be more aggressive. Defenders will not stay in their own half for the entire game; the midfielders can wander away from their positions to reach a cross or a through ball from someone. From the first whistle of the season to heartbreak of cup failure, FIFA 07 throws you into the rollercoaster ride of a football (soccer), relishing every scintillating victory over bitter rivals and fuming through every gut-wrenching poor performance at home. The unsettling stadium atmosphere, home and away, as your team battles against opponents is really awesome. Supporters chanting players' names and bellowing all the rousing club songs through rain and shine are truly magnificent.

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