Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congrats Wenger what you have done

Wenger everyone knew there was flaws in defence other than you. We all agree you didn't needed any midfielder if Fabregas and Nasri had stayed. You needed to get one only if they departed. So to sign a midfielder you could have delayed this long. In case of signing a defender you need not have waited so long. Look at Manchester United and Liverpool as well as Manchester City they all knew their weaknesses and they made signings as soon as the transfer market opened. Look at you now only 2 days left for the closure of transfer window and you don't have any defenders on your disposal. Signing a defender was a top top absolutely top priority. Why did you mess up with that. Had you signed just a single center back than Manchester United would not have had the embarrassing result on Sunday.

Don't moan that 7-8 first team players are out. A top club like Arsenal should have a second string back up capable of not conceding that amount of goals if not avoid defeat. Probably you are already on the history books as the most successful Arsenal manager. Now you didn't have any more records to break so you again wanted to make a record. You have become the first manager of Arsenal in more than a century to concede more than 8 goals. Congrats to you Wenger. You have again made it to the record books.

I won't be surprised if you don't sign anyone in these 2 days. That's the regular trend. A surprising news would be that you signed players before transfer window closes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wenger are you dreaming?

Mr Wenger are you still in your dreams? We all know the team went close last time. But they faded away when it matters most. Instead it was Chelsea who picked the momentum till the last moment. And for Arsenal they were even beaten in the table by Manchester City. There were lots of rumors going on during the January transfer window about need for a defender. Talks were about 'Samba' mostly. You took your chances on Vermaelen who may or may not be fight for whole of the season. Bad luck for you Wenger as well as all Arsenal fans Vermaelen did not recovered on time. The error prone defender Squillaci had to play in crucial matches and the result everyone can see. Had you signed Samba or any other defender who could had not repeated the errors of Squillaci than who knows the title would have been Gunners.

Again the start of the new season and every other title challengers are recruiting players and Mr Wenger seems resilient. The defending champions signed players Jones, De Gea, and most likely will sign Sneijder. Look at Liverpool they have signed quality strikers in January in Suarez and Caroll. In this window they signed Henderson (yet to be proven though at big stage) for hefty sum while Downing is on the way. Manchester City will always be there even though they haven't made any big signings yet but they are the richest club and afford to buy anyone until and unless the player decides to play for them and that surely is bound to happen as they are in the Champions League.

Look at Arsenal, than star players Fabregas and Nasri are making headlines on the paper. Lots of transfer rumors going on around. They have third or fourth highest wage bill yet could not afford to give their best player the best salary that the club could give. Nasri should have been given wages on par with Fabregas and from my point of view he should let Fabregas leave (well of course not cheap). Thanks God at least you signed a player 'Gervinho'. Looks like he is a good player. I don't know you still believe that your team can fight for championship when even the champion team they are recruiting new quality players. Wenger please wake up before its too late..............................................

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook vs google+

Its really talk of the town almost everywhere around the world. The well established and popular Facebook or the new kid in town Google+ are battling for their number 1 social network site. Though yet Facebook remains at the pinnacle only time will tell the new kiddo Google+ slams it down right into the throat of Facebook.

People will have their own opinion regarding their choice of social networking site. But I think most of them will have dual account across both the platforms. They will have to devout more online time as they now have to use both social platform. It will be clash of titans as both of them have their own strengths. Definitely users will be benefiting a lot but as well as they will have to be more indulged in their online activity.

Only time will tell who the ultimate winner will be.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes you are Mr. Wenger

Every time there is a growing optimism that this is the year to win title, Arsenal crash at the final hurdle. Mr Wenger always adheres the policy he feels that is right and doesn't even care to see what every Arsenal fans can see the flaws in the team. He is a modest man and feels all those who love the club are just ignorant people who knows nothing about the club.

The people who follow every game, every transfer gossip related to the club are ignorant? Mr Wenger you don't accept that you are wrong. Never ever, but this time you are finally accepting it that you are to blame for the poor team. Yes you are Mr. Wenger. When you already know that your main central defender is unfit for the whole season you don't buy any replacements. That is the way to manage football. The only good news for Arsenal this season is the fact that Arsenal don't need to look for goalkeepers anymore, as Szczesny looks decent enough goalies that Arsenal had for years.
This was the easiest season to win the premier league as no team league good enough losing matches here and there. Yet Arsenal failed to deliver on the promise. It's not anymore about potential it's about winning. If you don't deliver the potential after remaining there for 5 years or so than they all were false potential.
I will not be surprised if again Wenger refuses to sign players the team needs. I think a lot of people are giving suggestions that he should sign this or that players. A recommendation to all Arsenal fans are that stop telling Wenger to sign players. As we all know he doesn't listens to people's opinion. So if every one of us tell him not to sign any players than maybe he will sign players(as always going against the opinions of the fans).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cricket world cup 2011

Cricket world cup is in knock out stage now. Today's first quarter final was won by Pakistan. Pakistan won the match against the WI team with an easy 10 wickets victory. Pakistan had to toiled hard to grid win against the lesser non test playing nations. They made WI team lose the match embarrassingly. Sahid Afridi and Mohamad Hafiz were the heroes for the Pakistani teams.

Sahid is having a wonderful world cup as he is the leading wicket taker with 21 wickets (4 in this match) in the current edition of the world cup. If Pakistan plays like this than they may be strong contenders for this world cup. Only 2 matches left to be won, let's see who comes out in top.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyes and eyeglasses

If you can say that what is the most beautiful and lovable part of you, most people would go for eyes. It is not only the most beautiful part but the most important as it is through which we all are able to get the vision of the world. They are also one of the most delicate organs present in our human body. Eyes depict beauty and taking care of eyes is one of the things people need to take in mind. So, there are various thing to protect it as well as add some fashion charm to it with the addition of spectacles with different designs and colors.

Different people like to wear different shape and sized spectacles as well as varied colored range. Choice also depends upon the structure of the face of the person going to wear. Although the different attributes of the spectacles is the choice of the customers the eyeglasses should only be chosen on the prescription of the specialist. If not chosen wisely according to the prescription of the specialist it may severely damage the eyes of those wearing the spectacles. So proper care should be taken before making the move to protect eyes as well as making it more beautiful. Not to forget to get the quality eyeglasses at quality store.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wayne Rooney scores most probably his best goal of his career

The derby match between two teams from Manchester was a tightly contested match. The Blue half of Manchester having better ball possession than the Red Devils. But in the end what matter was winning the match and that too with the best strike from the nearly out of form striker Wayne Rooney. Looks like he is back to its best. It was the cross from Nani who had scored the earlier goal for United which met the sweet foot of Rooney. The wonderful bicycle kick was a moment that defined the result as well as left everyone wondering how on earth he did that. Everything was exquisite.

Check the goal here:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Expedia hotel coupon codes

Christmas and new year has just gone by. But we all like to have the festive offers that was then and want them when we need them. Probably thinking of spending a quality time with loved ones in a beautiful serene ambiance, than you need to think about spending a chunk amount of your saving in holiday packages. Expedia coupons can help you save some spending in your flight plus vacation package.

Expedia flight coupon code allows you to save up to $300 if you plan to go and spend vacation in Bahamas which includes flight charge as well as 4 night stay. If this is not the best deal for you than don’t panic. There are plenty more offers waiting for you using Expedia coupon codes. This is one of the simply the best online package to look through online. Looking to visit Disney park for fun and adventure or want to cruise around Miami, you can get some kind of discounts. Hilton hotel deals as well as having a pleasant time in Vegas is available there with Expedia deals. Some of the deals offer as much as 50% discount which are mouth watering and if planning for a holiday trip than definitely worth considering a look.

Premiership battle is on........

Manchester United are now really blowing out trumpets over their rivals with consistent result and so far this season they are able to remain unbeaten and lead the point table by 3 points with 44 points as well as a game in hand than second placed Manchester City who is on 41 points. Their win over the Stoke City certainly shows that they can win by playing without the performance which they are able to.

This season certainly Manchester City has shown some potential and certainly they remain in title contention as of now. It may not take too long if they continue like this and a title will certainly be in their bags in coming year. Arsenal too is in contention this time around and certainly showing some maturity in their performance. In a few months time we will be seeing if they will still remain in frame and hope they will not fade away like they did in the previous season.

Chelsea - defending champions were flying with all colours in the beginning but now they are showing a poor run of result, if not corrected any time soon, they will not be able to defend their title. Hope the return of Lampard and Terry to the side will make them able to grind out winning result.

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