Thursday, July 12, 2007


Smile is one of the beautiful things human posses. Beautiful, sweet smile can melt a heart as strong as iron. Like soft, tender water can break a huge rock a smile is able to overcome a heavy hearted people. Keeping smile on one’s face not only enlightens one’s personality but also cherishes other individuals who bypass him/ her.
Smile also adds beauty to one’s face. Smile can work wonders even in the times of discomfort. A genuine benign smile really soothes even in painful situation. Such smile has to come direct from the heart not the fake smile just leaked out to pretend. Taking example of a situation when someone is angry with you, then instead of worrying and making your face dull you can put on a smile on your face and ask sorry there is very little chance that he/ she will not forgive you.
In this chaotic world there are people very busy in their daily hectic schedule that they don’t have time to share with their families and friends. Everything has to be done on time and securely. Tiredness and tensions all pour on you. If some unknown child on the way produces a beautiful smile towards you, you can realize the power of smile as you forget all the worries out of your mind. Smile is a medicine it has cure to fatigue, anger and worries.

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