Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Music and Life

Music is one of the essential thing in life. Music can change the way you feel things. Music also drives you forward as well as can be your companion when you are traveling as well as when you are alone.

There are different genres of music. The categories can be: Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Metal e.t.c. Each genre has their own taste and different set of followers.

Music and life are closely associated. All of the music is derived from our life: be it social, sentiments and other things. Alternately, life needs music to add spice to it. Different form of music one would like to listen depending upon his/ her situation.

Generally when growing up as a teenager one would listen to Rock/ Metal and now a new genre called Rap. He/ She feel other genre is just wasteful music. But with years passing on he will start to listen to other types of music also and starts to realize that every form of music has its own taste in life.

Music can be an inspirational source. Many musicians are performing to inspire and support different causes like: Poverty, AIDS and others. One of the example of such event can be the G8 concert which was watched by billions of people around the world.

No one can remain disconnected with music. Music is needed for all from small kids to older ages.

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