Thursday, January 31, 2008

Auto recycling

All the auto freaks that loves auto as much as anything in the world than you will definitely give careful attention to your autos. So you are always in search of the best auto partners either in dealing with the new vehicles or just the parts. So you can always have midwest auto recycling as your specialized as it specializes in used engines and transmissions. There always has been a history of autos working ways as the previous autos used to be mechanical one and now in the present situation it’s been more computerized. Coping with the changing technology you always need to have an ear on the latest trends.

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Anonymous said...

Nice plug, but let me give you an actual experience with Midwest Auto Recycling. Recently I ordered a manual transmission from these folks.
It was listed as being out of a 2001 with an 8.1L and 41k miles.
I paid $300 MORE than the other guys because of the listed mileage.
Making arrangements to have the transmission delivered was a pain because they shipped it on a carrier that required a dock or a forklift, I have neither.
Once the transmission showed up it was an AUTO!
I called immediately and the guy that answered said I needed the invoice #, I said let me grab it. He said call me back the phone is ringing.
I said hang on aren't you closing in 3 minutes, I don't want to wait 'till tomorrow.
He said no, we are open for another hour. I called back in less than one minute to get a machine that said Sorry we are closed.
I was fuming, I called the next morning and they acted like I was inconveniencing them.
They shipped the new transmission and when it showed up it was missing the shift tower.
THIS IS A VITAL PART OF THE TRANSMISSION. This part is not serviceable through the aftermarket.
I called and they told me sorry that isn't part of the transmission, I asked him to find one for me and he said that he didn't know how to because people don't list that part.
EXACTLY BECAUSE IT'S PART OF THE TRANSMISSION. They would not help me further.
I had to purchase the shift tower parts from the dealer costing me over $350.
That means I spent $650 more than if I had gone with the other guys.
To top it off as I removed the shrink wrap I found marked on the transmission that it was out of a 2002 with a 6.6L and the gray spray paint was covering a ton of grease and dirt
which leads me to believe that the 41k miles that was listed was a flat out lie. Don't trust these folks unless you like getting screwed.

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