Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you believe in dreams?

There are many mysterious things in life. We all try to learn those things, in some we may succeed while in some we fail. One of the many such mysterious things in our life is about dreams: does what we see in dreams has some significance in our daily life? There are many believers with the idea of dreams while there are people who are opposed to it.

This incident is generally not rare as many people they expect something according to their dreams. It's been there for years while the ideas about dreams is being passed by our elders especially old ones. Some people even claim to see the things that will happen next in the coming days beforehand. It may be myth or just a truth which is very hard to believe. Dreams they say like if you see yourself climbing a high hills or cliff or cross a river or sea than you will have very significant amount of progress in your life. There are many other things that says something in your progress of life. It depends upon people if they want to believe or not. But definitely it will be a memorable thing if someone can clarify this debate.

Just think about the dream what you saw last night. Whether or not if you believe it or not just imagine it with your real life and take out the difference. Can Dreams be real or not it's just a mysterious thing.

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