Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Kagbeni is a nepali movie directed by Bhusan Dahal. The movie is about two friends and their way of life in the hills. The movie truly shows the beautiful landscapes ad mountains of Kagbeni. The story is mainly revolving around Nima Rumba, Saugat Malla and Diya Maskey. It shows or portraits the lifestyles of the people , the way they eat, dress up and the hard toil they do in the difficult hilly areas as many city dwellers don't even think of that.

The main plot starts with the Nima Rumba returning to his village from abroad. He then meets his old friend and goes to another place in their respective work. On their way to the place they meet a hermit who gives them monkey claw which has the power to bless and return whatever the user asks but in return will have a curse bestowed upon. So the main plot of the movie Kagbeni revolves around the claw. The wish that is being made and the curse that will come along. It's a nice bit of storyline. It's better to watch the climax rather than read the whole story.

This story is not a copy cat of other international film world likely Bollywood and Hollywood unlike commercial movies that are present in Nepali movies sector. It's an original theme based purely on Nepal. So this movie even though has plenty to offer but will certainly leave a benchmark for movie makers and enthusiasts.

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