Friday, January 4, 2008

Friends forever

Friends are there in every step of our life. When we are down they are there to lift us up and they just share every good and bad moments of our life. Good friends are hard to find and they just forgive you for every mistakes you make and helps you by pointing you your mistakes. Time as it flies by leaves back some memories which last in our minds forever. Life is joyful and it certainly is the best thing that we all are born as humans so that we have a better thinking power and a heart which makes us think better and lead a better life.

Time as they say heals our wound. It takes us apart and again the next moment we are together again. All the times we shared and the moments we will not be sharing again we know it's a part of life. But one thing I know all these year that we were together will be enough to create a life long memory there in our mind and soul. We stand by it and deliver when we need each other. All I can say "Friends forever". No matter where we reach and no matter what we become we all were there together and we all know we will be together again.

1 comment:

Wilson said...

Hey!... Been here... Readin your post... Have anice day!...c",)

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