Monday, October 1, 2007

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a popular video (computer) game that is available for all platform. Generally the game has a story line in which the main hero or character is a gangster which has to travel around city and be the master of th territory. Complaints has been aroused regarding the game having too much violent scene. Grand Theft Auto has many different parts or plots in which its different games has been created.

The first popular series was the Grand Theft Auto 3 which was based on a virtual location named Liberty City. With the publication of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City its popularity increased two folds. The last part that was on the market was the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which was the biggest and largest game of the series so far. It was again located on the virtual city combining 3 cities in just a single game which made the playing area of the game three times larger than that of the previous edition Vice City. The story line between the different parts are little bit related to each other. Some characters are repeated in different parts also.

Now the Grand Theft Auto 4 edition is on the verge of release. It should already had been released but the publisher Rock Star Games delayed it due to unknown reasons. May be it will arrive on the markets within a couple of months.

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