Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Break Ups And Getting Back Together

Love is a mysterious thing and many people don't understand the true meaning of love. They take it as a game and play with it. Indeed, this is the biggest mistakes they ever make. Love is not a game it's a feeling that comes from deep place within our heart and soul. So those people they don't have any problems after break up . But for those who had love him/ her very much from deep inside core of his/ her heart things may get worse. All the days and moments appear to be fading and moral will be very much low. In such moments things may even get worse if he/ she possess lower control over her mental stress. But patience is the key to success and keep motivating oneself is the best way to overcome the depression. The best way to do at those moments is to be with your best friend with whom you share your feelings other than your lover.

End of the love is not the end of everything, it's a slight bend or corner in a long highway where it will reduce the pace at which you are traveling. Remember not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke a luck. Who knows you might find a better partner who cares and loves you more. Starting a relationship is not that hard but maintaining is the hardest job on the planet. So the best way to maintain the relationship is to know the way to forgive. Humans do make mistakes and one should help each other even if someone makes mistakes. If you learn to forgive than certainly you will be having a happy relationship.

But if you won't care for other than the one with whom you have recently broke up. You want to try to get back with him/ her. Remember the things what made your relationship broke. If it was your mistake or not. Even if it's his/ her mistake then learn the simple rule of happy relationship - FORGIVE. The best way to deal in such situation is to open your heart out and speak out your true feelings to your lover. If you are having problems in conversation then simply send a goodbye letter. One never knows everyone is human and everyone has heart.

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