Saturday, June 23, 2007


Cow is a domestic animal. Cow is used all over the world as a producer of milk. Milk contains proteins, vitamins and many other types of nourishment therefore essential for everyone from child to elder persons. Cow’s milk provides the cheapest source of nutrition in our diet.

Cow is also a national animal in our country Nepal. Further, cow is regarded as a god in Hindu religion therefore those following Hindu religion worship it. There is also a festival in Tihar where a special homage is performed for cow.

The number of cows that an individual possesses is also an indication of wealth and prosperity especially in rural areas of Nepal. Cow’s milk has also been a major factor in the economic development of people residing in rural areas of Nepal. As its milk can be sold in good price and also many different kinds of edible like Cheese, Paneer, Curd, Ghee can be made from its milk.

Cow’s dung is also probably the best natural manure for plants and crops. More than seventy percent of the Nepal’s population depends on agriculture the cow’s manure thus becomes very much important for such people. Also the cow’s manure is free of harmful effect. Such cow dung can also be used to produce gas which can be used to cook food. They can be useful especially in rural areas where people still use woods to cook food, finally helping government in the preservation of forest.

Cow is important economically as well as socially in county like Nepal.

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