Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Making Decisions

In every person’s life everyday there comes a time or situation one has to make decision. Decision can be of anything from small petty things to a big one which can even change the entire course of our life. So, taking right decision is one of the most important thing.
When one wakes up early in the morning first decision he/ she has to make is about at which time he/ she should leave the bed. After that he/ she should decide what to do next? He/ She should decide whether to go for morning walk or have breakfast. Further as the time moves on he/ she has more decision to make. These small decisions are not hard to make. But, when one has to make decisions about two important things he/ she will have to toil much harder. There arouses a situation where he/ she will find him/ herself in a dilemma.
One situation may be when one has a very important meeting at his/ her office. At the very instant his/ her dear ones (mother, wife, child) has a fatal accident. The individual has to think what to do at the very instant. He/ She should judge at which place he/she should be available. At one side there is his/ her career and another side there will be his family. At such instant in my view choosing decision to be with family is the appropriate. One can built career once again though he/ she will have to start from bottom again. But loved ones once gone will never be there again. But different people may have different opinions about it. It differs to the way of thinking and the view with which one individual thinks.
Making correct decision is a very important part of one’s life.

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