Saturday, June 2, 2007


Dharan lies in the eastern part of Nepal. Dharan is gateway to many hilly regions of Nepal in eastern region. It is a very good place for living as the climatic condition is neither too hot nor too cold.
The main people residing in Dharan are Rais and Limbus. Other than Rais and Limbus Brahmin, Chettri, Newars and Tamangs are also residents of Dharan. It is surrounded by two seasonal rivers Seuti River in the east and Sardu River in the west.
Dharan is one of the developed areas of Nepal in the field of Education, Health, tourism, Communication and other various sectors. B.P Koirala Institute of Health Science is one of the renowned teaching hospital in whole Nepal. People come here to have medical checkup not only from Nepal but also from some border areas of India too.
Some areas to visit in Dharan are some religious and historical temples located in Vijayapur Hill namely Buddha Subba, Dantakali, Pindeshwori and Panchakanya. Other religious site near Dharan is BarahaChetra which is about 1-2 hours bus ride from Dharan. Kosi Tappu Wildlife reserve is also a place that can be visited. Lastly, the hilly regions that can be visited include Bhedetar, Basantapur from where the natural beauty can be viewed in its raw form.
Dharan is also a place that can be regarded as a place to visit though it is not beautiful as other parts of Nepal, it has still got many things that can be observed only by getting there.

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