Monday, December 17, 2007

Discovering Love and kindness

We all are so much endured in this world that we forget and left out small petty thing in our life. We are in tension must of the time and yet we want happiness from the troubles we are creating for ourselves. The only thing goal in our life is how to push others backward and move ahead ourselves. Let's for today say that we stay backward and help others struggling in their life and time.

There are many people needing help one way or the other. Taking part in one such event really relaxes our mind. I am talking about the popular program followed throughout the world: Blood Donation. Donating blood not only saves other people life but helps you making energetic and revitalised. In a way it brings cheers in the families and the individaul themselves who has needed it. Not to forget it brings happiness on the person who has donated the most as you know you have done the work of saving someone's life. So why not rediscover love and kindness among ourselves and help each other sharing love and affection from today. Donating blood will really stir a love in the people who have lost the appetite for the love and kindness.

I myself has been involved in such programs couple of times and I know how much pleasure it gives seeing the people become happy who are in need of it. There are people who have been donating blood for years and when I meet them and learn how many times they have done it; I remain spellbounded that they have contributed more than 40 times. So, ehy not be kind and share love and involve in such Blood Donation programs organised near your community.

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