Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Faces of life

Man usually faces different situations in thier life. Some are tough while some are easy. It's a fact that every one has to be strong, bold and brave enough to survive these obstacles. Everyone enjoys happy as well as sad life. Nobody is enitrely happy and comfortable even he/ she has billions of fortune. Likewise a begger leading a poor life is also not entirely unhappy even though he/ she has nothing at all.

There are always two faces of life. One face is beautiful and appealing to all. It charms everyone and everyone is loving life. The other one is the ugly one and nobody loves it. But the main face worth seeing is the ugly one, as it shows the truth and the bitterness to all. Those people who are used to seeing the ugly side of life ca accustom to every difficult situation while those seeing the bitter side of life can only life in the world of fantasies.

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