Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Success and Luck

There may or may not be a correlation between success and luck. Different person have different opinions about success and luck. Some think that both are related while some disagree. Success refers to the ability of a person to achieving his career goals with hard work, dedication and proper motivation. Luck may simply be called a stroke of gift by god.

Becoming successful is no means a joke. Accomplishing dreams are really a big thing in everyone’s life. Many try to accomplish dreams they have with them since their childhood but very few are successful in carving their life model in pursuit of their goals. But taking the way of leading a successful life through hard work and dedication will definitely lead you to the forefront in your life.

People waiting for lady luck to shine in their life are lazybones. They have nothing but just wonder in their life where luck will shine in their life.

But, one thing to take notice is that those things earned by us through hard work and perseverance are much more worth than those earned simply by doing nothing. Perhaps we may not feel the thing we got by luck if we lose it. But if we lose those thing earned by our hard work we definitely feel grieved.

Success is for who dream and aspire their goals in life. Luck simply is a god’s willingness to share his fortune.

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