Friday, May 4, 2007


In this today’s world every single individual has become selfish. Everyone is struggling to rise above one another. There is a situation where there is no harmony between humans. They are all fighting with each other like animals. Peace has become a word that is just learnt in a dictionary. It has become obscure in real life.

Many interaction forums, debate is being held throughout the world but to no avail. The person who is promising peace is the one who are breaking it. Everywhere there is a chaotic situation. No one’s mind is settled. The nature, environment is even polluted and there is hardly anyplace left on earth where one can find solace.

To bring peace we should really have a pure heart without any ill intentions. Our vision should be clear so as our mind. Making peace within our inner soul is the very first step towards the way to peace. If every individual starts to think and try to do so than really we will not take much time to make our world peaceful.

An imagination of peaceful world has just become illusion which can never be obtained in reality. No one has peace inside them. All are affected one way or the other with various tensions. All these tensions create more pressure in our mind which in turn unsettles us and finally making us all full of anger and troubles. Peace will never enter in our community whenever there is such situation.

People go to meditation to find peace. Yet they can get peace only at the time of meditation when they are out of it the problems and troubles are always hanging behind them never giving peace in mind.

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