Saturday, May 26, 2007

Traffic Problems

Traffic problems have been serious in big cities. As people dwelling in big cities are more so are the vehicles running on the road. More number of vehicles is being added in the roads but the road is limited or constant. So the problem of congestion occurs due to the increase in number of vehicles.
Like many big cities of the world Katmandu being the capital city of Nepal is also facing serious problems due to traffic jams occurring due to vehicles especially on the peak hours. People can’t get out of traffic jams in few minutes; sometimes it may take more than half hour to get out of jam. This has cause a serious affect for those working professional those who has to reach on time. Further for emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire-extinguisher vehicles if they stuck in jam there is very little chances that the vehicle will come out of the jam in few minutes. This will be the most devastating effect of all.
Another traffic problem in Katmandu is due to reckless driving. Some vehicles driver is driving recklessly increasing not only his/ her death chances but others pedestrians also. Recently, almost everyday we have to listen to causalities due to vehicle accident.
Government should formulate proper laws against such thing. Also has to educate citizens about traffic knowledge in schools as this is not being practiced in Nepal.

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