Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say no to drugs

Drug problem is worldwide. There are no countries who has been left out of drug victims. Drug abuse has created a lots of problem in society. Mostly teenagers are victims of drug abuse. If a person falls in habit of using drugs than he/ she can barely come out of it. Few of my friend's brothers had been victims and they couldn't control their fondness of drugs as a result they left this world early. Even my brother was into a habitual drug addiction but he mangaged to come out of it. I was really glad to see him recover from it even though he spend few years of his life as a waste. There's a saying"Better be late than never to be there". I just could not help myself as he is now leading a normal life. I know there are many person whose close friends, relatives have been a victim of drug abuse. They must be feeling pretty cold. But a good way of communicating and love can really cure those that have been victims of drugs rather than just abandoning them.

A good rehabilation center offering a good programs can be a solution. All those involved in drug trafficking should really be punished be it producers or dealers. I just really want to support the worldwide movement against drug abuse. Let's all be united and raise our voice against drug abuse. Let's say a million times "SAY NO TO DRUGS". Drugs are our best friend as we know they cure our diseases but there are abusers who are using it in a wrong way. Let's stop all those abusers.

Lastly, we all love our friends and relatives, let's create an awareness to all our friends and relatives so that they realize that they are into wrong path before they become drug victims.

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