Friday, September 28, 2007

Adsense secrets

Adsense is a program run by Google worldwide. Thousands of people are earning money by using google adsense program. To be a part of adsense program one needs to have is a well managed website having some good original contents. Google adsense is a pay per click program where the website on which it is displayed is paid by google if someone clicks on it. The money is not paid by google directly, it has a program called Adwords where people or advertisers sign up choosing a keyword and bidding for it. In turn google displays ads on the sites using adsense codes by observing the keywrods used in the article.

I don't know but I have read in some other sites that website owners are earning as much as 6 digits income per month by using google adsense. But other small site those have few visitors need not panic the way to success is hard and slow. Some ways of earning more amount of money through adsense is by using the high paying keywords and writing or adding articles relating keywords containg such high paying keyword. Finding such high paying keywords is a difficult task. There are some places which has list of such keywords but there is no way of determing if such keywors really pay more. Only thing we can do is just believe them.

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