Friday, April 9, 2010

Being lonely and sad

It's very difficult to raise your morals when you are low down and dusted. You can't think and do what you want and you are in a big trouble. Even the easiest of task seems a daunting one when you are lonely and sad. There lies nothing that you become motivated with other than the cause that made you sad and dejected.

More importantly you need a lot more than a courage to come out of the situation. It takes time to raise yourself to get out of it. Even if the situation is what you want with time you can manage to get out of it. A big and breave heart is what you require to get out of such sitautions. Everyone faces such situations, and they are the ones who need to get out of it, maybe sometimes little words from close friends can boost a little, but at the end it's the thinking of the person who is in such situation to take him out.

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