Friday, April 20, 2007


Friends are real gem of our life. A person having no friend is like being unsocial and petrified. But it all depends on how genuine is our friendship.

Not all friends are alike. Some are there only for the joyous and fruitful moments and whenever any kind of unwanted and awful situation arrives they won’t be there. Actually it’s better not to say such individuals a friend. They are a mockery of friendship whereas some real friends are there with you even in the sorrowful and difficult situation. They share your joy as well as sorrow. And to add to that they are really delighted to help you with open arms anytime anywhere without any doubt.

It is though difficult to find such friends especially in this materialistic world. A true friend comforts you in sorrow, gives you company is every step you take and often backs up if you fail; to lead you ahead in your life. A true friend gives you solace in distressful situation.

Many people think that they have many friends. But it is not so. Some are there to give you company for some while only. Finding real friend is not so easy. It will take years to make one such genuine friend. But in every relationship there may be some torrid moments but good and real friends can sort it out between themselves without any bad feelings. Friendship is not only there to be supporting your friend in everything he/ she does but also pointing out the mistakes and flaws in his/ her decisions.

Genuine friends are there for life.

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