Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Computer technology

The invention of computer technology is the most important development in this century. The computer technology is changing every sphere of our life. Different Fields where the computers are applicable are literally too numerous to mention. Computers have become the heart of the human body as it can do each and every job. They contribute to grow and open new horizons of discovery and application .One of the reasons, why the computers are so popular among the people is its speed of performing the task .It can perform every task within a second, only it needs is the command by the user. However, computers applications are not always easy to use.
Computer technology has taken all human tasks to a new level. Computers has made task which were difficult previously easier. Today, life without computers is hard to imagine. Computers have occupied a significant amount of our life. Communications are faster, reliable and easier through the use of computer. The world has become a small village as we can access each other if we have computer and internet facility.

Computers not only help in personal life but in business, scientific research and many other fields. E-commerce has grown very much. More powerful and sophisticated computers is being developed to enhance our social life as well as our day to day activities. Computer technology as a whole has been successful in contributing to humans in a better way.

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